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Happy holidays?

Some people love the festive season – the flashing lights, the excitement and anticipation, the parties! For others it’s just hard work with the shopping, cooking and preparations. For some it can be a really stressful time of year. Children with speech, language and communication needs can often find it hard this time of year for lots of different reasons: …

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Talking about your child’s speech, language and communication at parents’ evenings

The leaves are starting to change colour, conkers are starting to fall. It’s getting cold and dark in the evenings and your child’s uniform is no longer looking like it did in the shop. As we get to the half way point of the autumn term we want to find out how our children are getting on at school or …

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Top 10 Toys for the Development of Communication Skills!

There are lots of ways that you can support the development of your child’s communication skills.  Really helpful ways to encourage communication include having fun together, making it easier for them to talk and pay attention (try having time without background noise like TV each day) and showing them the right way by modelling correct talking rather than correcting them.  …

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What is specific language impairment?

Specific Language Impairment (or SLI as it is often called) is a term that is used to describe difficulties with learning and using language. Children are described as having SLI when they are as clever as other children their age, but they struggle to understand and use language to communicate and learn. Sometimes children can have speech, language and communication …

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Speech and language difficulties and bullying

As part of the I CAN Help Enquiry Service we have lots of calls from parents wanting some information about how to help their child with speech and language difficulties negotiate the challenges of school.  Often this isn’t about what they are learning, but more about the social times.  “How will he make himself understood?” “Will he be able to …

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