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Update on Raising Your Game

Raising Your Game is a programme led by Mencap in partnership with I CAN  and Nacro. We’ve started to train up groups of new young people this project year to co deliver Talk about Talk. We trained up the Regional Coordinators to deliver Talk about Talk themselves and they are doing this with the young people we worked with last …

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Could you be an I CAN Licensee?

“I work as the Lead for School Support within the Leeds Children’s Speech and Language Therapy Service. I train teaching staff to provide speech, language and communication interventions at a classroom based level, making sure support for children with speech, language and communcation needs (SLCN) is maximised with reduced resources. Therapists across Leeds may be providing this level of intervention …

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Make a fish… or a whole aquarium!

One, Two, Three, Four, Five One, two, three, four, five Once I caught a fish alive Six, seven, eight, nine, ten Then I let him go again Why did you let him go? Because he bit my finger so Which finger did he bite? This little finger on my right   Make a fish… or a whole aquarium! This activity …

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What is Stammering?

Stammering is how we talk about a child’s speech when they are affected in the following ways: Their speech is ‘jerky’ and gets stuck They can’t seem to get started with talking (“….. I want some juice”) They repeat sounds in words e.g. “ssstory” They repeat part of the word (e.g. “mu-mu-mu-mummy”) What is the difference between stammering and stuttering? …

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Virginia 125 Champion

I CAN’s CEO Virginia Beardshaw walks across Morecambe Bay to raise money as an I CAN Champion


Well, we did it. And ‘we’ is the operative word: it turned out that I was one of 420 people, plus a miscellany of over excited dogs of every shape, size and colour. We were guided by Cedric, the ‘Queen’s Guide’, who spends his summers taking groups across the perils of Morecambe Bay. Mary Hartshorne and Jonothon Wright from I …

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