‘Children don’t know their own names’ – an issue in the media spotlight

Last month saw speech, language and communication needs in the media spotlight. Frank Field, the Labour MP for Birkenhead and the government’s Poverty Tsar, commented that children were starting school without the basic skills they needed to learn. He also asserted that some children start at primary school without knowing their own names. Speaking on the BBC Radio 4 Today …

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Secondary Talk evaluation proves huge impact on schools

I CAN’s Secondary Talk programme aims to raise attainment and improve behaviour through a focus on language and communication in secondary schools. Feedback from schools during the pilot in 14 schools across England has shown that is does just that. This month, we received the final report of the independent evaluation from Sheffield University with exciting results. The researchers found …

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Time for Dads to do the talking

Father’s Story Week is just one way for dads to get talking with their children. So come on dads, get your child’s imagination buzzing with some exciting and fun activities that help them to develop their language and communication skills, as well as have fun on Father’s Day. A walk in the woods is a great place for a story …

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Imagine a world of silence…

I CAN has launched the Sponsored Silence – a fun new way for primary school children to learn what life is like for children who struggle to communicate. This educational activity complete with curriculum-linked lesson plans, has been created by I CAN’s Specialist teachers to help build good speaking and listening skills. This June, the Hello campaign is asking people …

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I CAN launch speech and language therapist call-back service.

We are launching a new service to provide expert information to parents and practitioners about speech, language and communication. Call 020 7843 2544 or email enquiries@ican.org.uk to book your free and confidential call-back from a speech and language therapist. Find out more at www.ican.org.uk/help

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