Sam’s Case study – ex-Meath pupil (Interview April 2012)

Looking back, Sam’s Mum Tess feels very lucky because they had a childminder who spotted that Sam wasn’t responding to words. When Sam was two, she asked Tess to get Sam’s hearing checked and suspected he may be autistic. Sure enough, by the age of three Sam was diagnosed with a speech disorder and an autistic spectrum disorder which means …

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Dawn House School students art work exhibited in The National Mall Galleries, London

Last week, two Year 11 students from Dawn House School had their work chosen to display in The Mall Galleries, London as part of the 10th Annual National Students Art Exhibition. The special school run by I CAN is for children aged 5 to 19 years with severe and complex speech, language and communication needs (SLCN). Six students work were …

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Summer Children1

Summer activities for helping children’s communication

As the summer arrives and the time comes for our children to move on from nursery we are faced with a long list of tasks to make sure we get them ready for starting school in September.  Have I sorted out their new school uniform…yes.  Do they have new school shoes….yes.  Have I helped them to practise how to hold …

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I CAN’s Dawn House school enjoys end of term events

This term, Dawn House school staff and the ‘Friends of Dawn House School’ team have been busy raising money for the school. Read on for reviews of two of their events: Drama at Dawn House! Friday 18 May brought playwright Alan Dawson’s most recent play ‘The Red Wot Was Fez’ to Dawn House. The play, performed by local community group …

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Athletes visit schools to celebrate the Communication Triathlon

This month, four fantastic athletes have visited schools in Hampshire, Lincolnshire, Somerset and Kent to celebrate pupils involvement in the Communication Triathlon. The visits included assemblies where the athletes gave talks to the students about the importance of communication in sport. Pupils in all the schools were really excited about the visits, and asked some fantastic questions to the athletes. …

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