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Secondary Talk

Secondary Talk: Listening to Pupils

A blog by Lead Communication Advisor, Maxine Burns Just before Christmas we had our termly Validation of Good Practice meeting where schools who have been engaged with Secondary Talk present their evidence to a panel at I CAN. That day I presented evidence from Blessed Hugh Farringdon Catholic School in Reading, who met standards at Enhanced Level through the range …

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Meath 86

Finding Meath School

Trying to find a primary school for Peter* seemed to be one of the most difficult challenges we had faced. We knew he wouldn’t be able to be truly included in a mainstream school where he was one of a class of 30. I imagined him spending most of his classroom time with a Teaching Assistant doing separate activities as he would …

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A Christmas round-up from our CEO

2013 was always going to be a special year for I CAN.  The charity was founded 125 years ago by Victorian social reformer Octavia Hill and the Reverend Dowdeswell Graham to help vulnerable children. 21st century I CAN is very proud to uphold their vision. For the past 60 years we’ve focussed on the vital yet neglected area of children’s …

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Ofsted Blog Photo

Our Thoughts on the Chief Inspector of Ofsted Report

This week has seen the Chief Inspector of Ofsted, Sir Michael Wilshaw, launch his second Annual Report to let us know how well schools and colleges are doing.  It gives us up to date information about how many schools are considered to be good and outstanding , and how many are needing to improve or not meeting the standards the …

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Questions! Questions!

GCSE Science at I CAN’s Dawn House school “How long will it take fruit flies to generate 1 billion offspring?” “Is that the same as when we talked about bacteria reproducing?” “So Miss, why do they always say ‘kills 99% of all known germs?’” “That’s what I did in English this morning….exaggerate!” “I know this isn’t what we’re talking about, …

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