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Virginia Beardshaw I CAN CEO Eds

Meath School says ‘A Boom-Chick-a-Boom’ at the NAPLIC Conference: Blog from Virginia Beardshaw I CAN CEO

The annual NAPLIC conference is always fun and inspiring. Attended  by 150+ of the most committed, knowledgeable and dedicated UK practitioners working with children who struggle with language, the gathering provides a real chance to meet old friends, catch up with the latest practice and policy, and go away refreshed, clutching the latest resources and publications. One of the absolute …

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Denbury Primary School

Talk Boost Case Study: Denbury Primary School, Newton Abbot

Our headteacher heard about Talk Boost last academic year and I went with my TA to the training session, which was funded by Openreach.  We came out of the session feeling very excited about Talk Boost and we could already imagine the benefits which would result from the intervention. My TA and I were so enthusiastic about it that we …

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A Meath School parent’s story

Our 9 year old wakes every morning with the same question… “School today”?  Followed by the look of joy when I answer, “yes”!  What a blessing for him and for us as a family. William will often request a shower and is eager to put on his uniform (now independently due to the amazing support he has received from the …

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Talk Boost Case Study: Lesley Mackay, Speech & Language Teaching Assistant at Toftwood Infant School

We have children on speech and language programmes at our school but were looking for something for those who weren’t on a programme; those that needed that little boost to catch up with their classmates with their speech or understanding for example. Talk Boost was recommended to us by the speech and language therapist that we work closely with at …

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New books available on I CAN’s shop: Can I tell you about Autism?

 Do your child or a child you are supporting have autism? If yes, then you may find ‘Can I tell you about Autism?’ useful. This book is a part of the series from Jessica Kingsley Publishers covering a range of difficulties that children can have. It is aimed at parents and professionals and anyone who may be in contact with …

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