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Art Week

Meath School Art Week by Nicki Ray, Meath School Art Teacher

Last month, we had a whole week off timetable for Art Week at I CAN’s Meath School. The week began with Green Class visiting Watts Gallery in Compton. We went to the nearby chapel en route, a place of real awe and wonder (do visit if you have an opportunity!). We studied Victorian paintings, looked at sculptures and had an …

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Underwater Swimming

Try our Does It Float? activity!

For this activity you will need a bowl of water, or you can carry out your investigation in a wet area. Begin by discussing what ‘floating’ and ‘sinking’ mean i.e. “Stays on top of the water” and “goes down to the bottom.” Choose a range of materials (e.g. cork, paper, card, plastic etc) and ask the children whether they think …

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Improving pupils’ communication skills with Achievement for All 3As by I CAN Communication Advisor, Maxine Burns

At the beginning of this month, I CAN announced their new partnership with education charity Achievement for All 3As. This project will mean the two charities working closely together to help primary and secondary schools throughout England improve their pupils’ communication skills. Since communication is the foundation life skill and underpins all areas of children’s learning, including reading and writing, …

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Six Dawn House School Students artwork chosen for national exhibition

Six students from Dawn House School have had their art work chosen for display in The Mall Galleries, London as part of the 11th Annual National Students’ Art Exhibition. The six students work was submitted by the school for consideration by Dover Federation judges on the 24th June 2013 following moderation for their GCSE qualification. The judges selected all the …

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Summer Children

Pre-School Activity – Out in the Garden!

Out in the Garden (to the tune of ‘Patridge in a Pear Tree’) Out in the garden, what do you see? (Thumb and forefinger, like a beak – say “Tweet tweet tweet!”) A bird sitting up in a tree Out in the garden, what do you see? (Cross thumbs and flap fingers – say “Flutter, flutter flutter!”) Two butterflies and …

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