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Being an Intern at Meath School – Jack’s Story

Jack Takeda is one of the undergraduate psychology students interning at I CAN’s Meath School. Here he gives a brief insight into his first few months in the role and how it has already impacted his future career path. 

My first reaction when visiting Meath School (back in October 2017) was
quite literally “this is where I want to complete my placement year!”. Unlike
the other schools and institutions, I had previously looked at and applied for,
this was the one where I truly felt I would gain and learn the most from. More
importantly, I would enjoy spending a year working here too. I can honestly say
that having been here for just over a term, my initial thoughts and feelings were
not wrong.

One of the main reasons I chose Meath was because of my own
personal experience with speech and language communication needs (SLCN) as a
child. I felt that by coming here I would be able to reconnect with my past. Additionally,
Meath offers a wide variety of first-hand knowledge and experience – whether
this is through working with the teachers, the speech and language therapists
or the occupational therapy department: this was an opportunity like no other.

I’ll be honest, I didn’t consider this fact when I initially
applied. I saw this as an opportunity to work with SEN children in a specialised
teaching environment. It was only until after my interview and in seeing how
all the departments work together that I realised how invaluable this
experience will be.

Having come to Meath with the idea that teaching was what I
wanted to do, instead I found that speech therapy has been something that I
have personally connected with and would like to continue to pursue as a

Meath is unlike any school I have worked at or even seen.
The amount of care and effort all the staff put into each individual child is
amazing and the rate at which the kids progress is truly phenomenal. This is
not down to one department but how they all collaborate and work out the best
way forward for each child.  

As an intern my role is to support the staff. Although being
shuffled around from class to class can be disorientating this has been an
amazing source of knowledge as no two days are the same. One day you could be
supporting a teacher in the class, the next you could be in I CAN’s BHS Assessment Centre helping
assess a child. Each day offers new experience and new challenges to

One of my favourite experiences is being a part of the
residential team. This has been so much fun as I get to work with the children
in a class setting which is very professional. I’m also able to work with the
children in a more casual setting, which has really helped me to develop my
overall skills regarding working with children but also with how I have built
and developed my rapport with those who board.

Having been part of Meath school for four months now I can
say without a doubt this a one of a kind school. I am overwhelmed by how
welcoming everyone has been. The experiences and opportunities I’ve had here
have been amazing. I’m already dreading finishing my final day here but until
then I will enjoy every moment I can with the staff but more importantly, the
children that make this school so special.