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Meath Bonfire Night 2018

Hester Bouwer is a teacher at I CAN’s Meath School in Surrey. Here she tells us about this year’s annual Meath bonfire night and an unexpected but lovely encounter.

On Sunday, 4 November, we had our annual Bonfire and fireworks evening at Meath School. It was a brilliant evening with approximately 700 visitors.

On the night, I had the privilege to talk to a family who came all the way from London because they saw the event advertised a year ago. Yes, a year ago and they diarised it for 2019! Madeleine(mum), Lara(daughter), Miles(son) and the Dad are a Swedish/English family and they came over to buy a hot chocolate after the fireworks.

They told me how much they enjoyed the fireworks but also how excited they were to be here for such a great cause!

Madeleine was expressing her support for schools like ours that make a difference for children who have speech and language difficulties. She also voiced her concern about how challenging it is to get enough support, both financial and otherwise, for the life changing work we do in these children’s lives.

The children made them smile, they loved the fireworks and were so happy they made it with 6 minutes to spare before the start, due to heavy traffic on the M25!

It was a great way to end the night on such an enthused and happy note. I made sure to tell them we have a Summer Fayre as well at the end of June and they will keep an eye out for that date too!

The English/Swedish family