Meath’s Got Talent

“Lorraine Rogers is a Child Care Officer in the Residential department of I CAN’s Meath School for pupils with speech and / or language disorders in Surrey. Here she talks about the annual ‘Meath’s Got Talent’ show.”

Every year Meath School Residential Team hosts a talent show for all to enjoy.  It has been running now for 11 years and each year is bigger and better than before! Our acts have involved parents and siblings, Meath School staff and of course the children love to get involved.  We have a range of different acts taking part and in the past we have had magic acts to a local Gymnastics group coming to perform.

In 2016 the SLTs put on an entertaining cookery show using someone else’s hands to make a Meath sandwich, with some interesting and messy, though not very appetising, ingredients!  We have acts from all the staff including the Scissor Sisters, Thomas the Tank Engine, the Wiggles, and this year the Spice Girls!

Every year the children are winners in all of our eyes and always make us cry with pride. Each year they pull out the stops and wow everyone with their singing skills, circus acts, dancing skills or comedy show.

A typical quote from a child – “I give it 20 stars cause its sooooo much fun!”

Meath’s Got Talent is well supported by parents and extended family, who enjoy seeing the children perform!

Who needs Britain’s Got Talent when you have Meath’s Got Talent!