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Falling for I CAN – Support Jodie

Our amazing fundraisers are known to take it to the limits; raising awareness and much needed cash to support children with SLCN. Jodie Hennel is no exception, as she plans on plummeting thousands of feet from the sky. We find out why…

What impact has speech, language and communication needs (SLCN) had on you or your family’s life?

My cousin Lydia was diagnosed with dyspraxia from an early age, she struggles with her speech and this has had a massive impact on her life. She currently attends I CAN’s Dawn House School in Nottingham. This is currently her last year attending this school and I just wanted to show my appreciation for all they have done for her and give something back. I also work with children who have a diagnosis of autism and find it hard to communicate verbally but by having different tools to use, for example, Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS) they are able to request day to day things. 

Could you tell us about your relationship with I CAN? How did you come into contact with the charity?

I chose to fundraise for I CAN as Lydia has gained independence through attending Dawn House School. It was with the help of the teachers that Lydia learned to communicate in different ways. She has been taught Makaton sign language and is now able to hold a verbal conversation with close family and friends. I would love for the charity to be recognised and known by many. I would love for families and others to know the different ways of communicating whether verbal or non verbal in order to communicate with people who find it difficult. 

That’s great! What are you doing to fundraise for I CAN? 

To fundraise for I CAN I am doing a skydive on the 23rd of June 2018. I like to push myself to the limits and what is a more fitting way than to do something like this for an amazing charity!

How can people support your efforts (a link to your fundraising page etc)?

People can support me by either sharing my story or getting the word out about I CAN and what they do for young people with communication difficulties or they can support me by heading over to my Just Giving page.

From everyone here at I CAN, thank you, Jodie and good luck!