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Finding the right advice for your family

The incredible wealth of knowledge and experience of the I CAN Help Enquiry Service has helped over 1000 concerned parents and family members in 2017.

The specialists that make up the Enquiry Service team offer advice and solutions that, parents may not have previously considered, like in Nichola’s case. Sometimes just a little bit of guidance can make all the difference to the outcomes of a child.

Nichola has used the Enquiry Service multiple times as she has a two year old daughter, Clara, with Global Development Delay – the main delay being around communication.

She originally contacted the Enquiry Service, booking herself in for a call because she was becoming frustrated at the lack of information available to her and was increasingly worried about her daughters outcomes. She wanted independent and impartial advice about what resources she could access, how to move forward now that the NHS speech and language therapy they were provided had come to an end.

 “I did not want to lose any momentum in this hiatus. I was asking about any additional things that I could do for Clara and the I CAN speech and language therapist (SLT) was very helpful.

“We discussed actions and they reassured me about the things I was already doing. They gave me lots of resources and allowed me to talk through my plans and give guidance. I discussed worries about Clara entering reception class delayed and how to access support for her if that is the case.”

The most useful thing to come from the call was being given information about what support and services were available. Nichola was signposted to private speech and language therapy, which she accessed. The private speech and language therapist helped her to set IEP targets and to prepare for a meeting at her daughter’s nursery. Nichola was also signposted to Afasic and the services they provide families, which she also accessed and found helpful.

She found that being able to talk through her concerns and worries with an I CAN speech and language therapist to be useful, especially being able to ask if she was ‘doing things right’. The advice she has received was practical and the resources and other organisations she was signposted to have opened her eyes to the help that is available. Nichola now feels more confident in knowing how to access support for Clara once she moves into education.

She says:

“I continued using the strategies that I had learned and discussed with the I CAN SLT, this has had a positive impact on Clara. Progress is slow but at least she is progressing.

You really do provide a great service and I have rung on several occasions, I always feel that I am speaking to someone who is confident and qualified and empathetic.”

 “It is good to know that there is someone at the end of the phone to talk things through and understands your concerns.”

We know that by equipping parents of children with SLCN the skills and knowledge they need in creating a supportive environment at home, the chances of the children succeeding and getting the most out of life and their opportunities vastly improves.

To access the I CAN enquiry service:
You can call us for free on: 0207 843 2544
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