research round up

Research Round Up – November 2017

October was a busy month for research publications and reports around children’s language development and educational needs. Here are the ones we picked for you.

The Early Intervention Foundation compiled a report linking language and other social, emotional and learning outcomes – highlighting how early language development is a primary indicator of child wellbeing.

The Education Endowment Foundation and Public Health England commissioned a review to identify priorities for improving practice in the support and management of children with delays in early language development between birth and five years (72 months) 

The Key published their findings of a survey of school leaders, asking questions about their confidence in the national curriculum supporting children with SEN. 

The Sutton Trust published the Life Lessons report which looked at the importance of essential life skills such as confidence, motivation, resilience and communication, and how the current state and independent schools are providing and nurturing these skills. 

Ofsted’s Chief Inspector, Amanda Spielman, reported her findings from the recent Ofsted review of the primary and secondary curriculum, highlighting the risk that if schools prioritise testing and assessment, this has the potential to narrow the curriculum. 

A report from the Education Policy Institute ‘Educating for our Economic Future’ flagged the importance of non cognitive skills such as team work, customer service, communication skills etc recommending that these should be taught as part of subject specific approaches. The report stresses the need to ensure there are resources and systems to ensure young people with special educational needs have these important life skills