I CAN’s Tracker Tool

At  I CAN our priority is to develop programmes that have an impact on children’s speech, language and communication. With this in mind we thoroughly pilot and evaluate all of our programmes to make sure they have an impact. However, we also continue to monitor our programmes after the pilot phase; this is to ensure they carry on being effective interventions that support children and young peoples’ communication. Our ongoing monitoring includes sending surveys to schools and settings and also asking schools to send us children’s scores before and after using our programmes. However we were aware that this could be time consuming for schools and resulted in only about 10% of schools we had trained sending us their scores.

Over the last two years we have launched two new programmes, Early Talk Boost and Talk Boost KS2, and we have re-launched our very popular Talk Boost (now known as Talk Boost KS1). Along with these we have also launched our online tracker! A very exciting development which means that settings and school can now input before and after scores using the programmes’ own tracker and monitor their children’s progress. We are really pleased with how well received the online tracker has been with, at last count, 3745 children registered on the system.

Settings using the tracker are able to create colour coded graphs and download reports. The graphs show whether the child is working at, or below, expected levels for their age and what level of support they need. Staff can also see if, after participating in the programme, children have caught up with their peers by achieving scores in the green section.


As the reports are downloadable they can be printed and shared with parents and carers, Ofsted and governors. It also means that here at I CAN we can monitor the scores children achieve and make certain that our programmes continue to have impact on children’s speech, language and communication.

The online tracker has been a great success and has given us really useful information.  We are keen to explore and develop new ways in which it can be used in our ongoing monitoring of our other programmes.

To find out more about our programmes online tracker tools, please visit the Early Talk Boost trackerTalk Boost KS1 tracker or Talk Boost KS2 tracker.