Learning Together Day at Meath School

Early in December, I CAN’s Meath School for children with speech and language disorder, welcomed children from the local confederation of schools for a ‘Learning Together Day’ which forms part of Meath’s ‘Pathways to Inclusion’ programme. ‘Learning Together Day’ brings together children from mainstream schools and children with speech disorder for a day of playing and working on a specific theme.  

December’s theme was ‘Special Days in December’. There was a focus on religious festivals whilst acknowledging that people of different faiths and traditions don’t celebrate at this time of the year, or celebrate differently.

The day started with an assembly about St. Nicholas for whom we have feast day on 6th December. In the assembly some children dressed up and helped to tell the story of how St. Nicholas threw bags of money through the door of a very poor man who couldn’t afford dowries for his daughters; had St. Nicholas not been so generous, the daughters would not have been able to marry.

meath school learning together day

Afterwards, the children were split into groups to learn about Orthodox icons, the Story of Babushka, the symbolism of a Christingle and St Lucy’s Day.  St. Lucy’s Day was especially popular amongst the children as they got to make special cakes with sweetened dough, raisins and saffron.

Everyone had fun together especially at playtimes when children played together no matter which school they were from. We always find ‘Learning Together Day’ a great time for Meath pupils as it gives them the opportunity to practice and enjoy their friendship skills.