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Early Talk Boost and Parents

Many articles and studies have been published over the years emphasising the importance of parental involvement in education and the positive impact it has on children’s academic attainment. A recent report from the Early Intervention Foundation (EIF) highlighted the importance of interaction between parents and their children’s nursery or school in early intervention programmes. You can read the full report here.

Consequently, in the planning stage of Early Talk Boost, it was considered essential to include parents/carers in the language programme.  This is achieved in a number of ways:

Each week, every child enrolled in the Early Talk Boost programme takes home the focal Jake and Tizzy book to share with their parents at home to reinforce the language skills learned during the sessions. The series of eight books show Jake and Tizzy in a range of familiar situations and routines which young children can relate to; for example, at nursery, going shopping and at Jake’s birthday party. The books use the structure of familiar routines to introduce different ways of supporting children’s language development. The addition of ‘Tizzy’s talking tips’ at the back of the books is a great way to provide parents with key strategies they can use to support children’s language development whilst reading. Studies show that children who read regularly with an adult in the preschool years (0-5 years) learn language faster, enter school with a larger vocabulary and become more successful readers in school (Mol et al., 2008), so this is regarded as a vital component of the programme.

Parents can also attend a workshop, intended to support them in using the Jake and Tizzy books to support their child’s language and communication at home. The training aims to coach parents in using some of the key strategies that have been found to be effective in developing children’s communication and language skills, and that have been used successfully in parent interventions (Colmar, 2014). After week nine (the final week of the intervention), parents can revisit the setting to share the Photobook made during the Early Talk Boost sessions.

To find out more about how you can access this intervention for the children in your setting, contact the Early Talk Boost team on 0207 843 2515 or email