Dawn House Hamlet 1

Shakespeare comes alive at Dawn House School

Last month Dawn House School students in key stages 4 and 5 performed Shakespeare’s Hamlet at the Palace Theatre in Mansfield to commemorate 400 years since the death of William Shakespeare along with four other schools from the local area. The performance took place as part of Shakespeare Schools Festival, a national event that runs throughout 2016/17.

The students excelled in front of a full house and were commended for their unique take and dramatic performance of Shakespeare’s longest play by the professional actors and directors employed by the festival. Dawn House’s version of the play was a modern day adaption set within the homeless community.

The performance was a fantastic opportunity for the students to practice their speech and language skills. Janvee Hirani played the Queen and said: ‘My part in the play really helped me to speak clearly and loudly and to project to the audience’ and William Bollands-Straw, who played Laertest reported he gained ‘a lot of confidence from the performance’.

The theatrical group are hoping to make a film of the performance by the end of the year, so watch this space!