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Talk about Talk Secondary

The Talk about Talk Secondary pilot is now in its second phase with schools having received their new printed folders at the start of term. This cohort of schools have received something else to test out along with their shiny intervention folder; our new Talk for Work Profile!

The profile consists of two elements; a main profile and a student self-rating tool. The Main Profile includes direct questions to complete with the student and observational questions. The scores from this will give the student a red, amber or green rating of their communication skills for the workplace and help schools identify students that may need further investigation of these communication skills.

Following participation in our Talk about Talk Secondary programme, where 12 communication skills needed for work are targeted, students will complete the profile again to measure progress. Schools will be able to enter student results in an on-line tracker and produce downloadable reports for individuals as well as groups.

We’re really excited to see how this year’s group of students progress with their job-related communication skills as they work towards delivery of a two-hour workshop to local employers. Last year’s results were really encouraging and it’s hard to pick an example from the many positive evaluation statements.

Junayd, a Year 10 pupil said, “I was chosen to be a main speaker at the I CAN workshop because although I’m a confident speaker and I’m not nervous, I do find it difficult working with different people and trying new things. I CAN has helped me to prepare for this; it has helped me so much. I feel confident that I can speak in front of new people now.”

Following attendance at an employer workshop, a Project Officer from Groundwork said, “This course has come along at exactly the right time for me as I am hoping to work more with young people struggling with communication skills. It’s brilliant to have the young people themselves running the course, as it clearly helps to understand their own communication difficulties and gives them confidence to overcome issues and build confidence.”

Finally, we are keen for a few more schools, not involved in Talk about Talk Secondary, to test out our Talk for Work Profile. If you would be interested in helping us with this stage of the pilot, please contact rblack@ican.org.uk