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Four Years of Talk Boost KS1!

In March this year we celebrated four years of Talk Boost KS1, our targeted and evidence-based intervention programme supporting language delayed children in Reception and Key Stage One (KS1) to make progress with their language and communication.

Talk Boost KS1 has continued to grow from strength to strength by delivering fantastic outcomes and being successfully replicated in everyday practice. Since the launch of the intervention in March 2012, over 2,500 schools have implemented the intervention with more than 58,000 children being reached.

Schools who have taken part in the intervention regularly report how their pupils are doing in Talk Boost KS1 groups all over the country, allowing us to give you up-to-date impacts statistics. Here are some of our most recent findings:

  • Three quarters of children reached expected levels in their ability to talk in sentences and no longer need extra help.
  • The number of children reaching expected levels in their ability to understand and use vocabulary more than doubled; skills vital for academic progress.
  • Before Talk Boost KS1, only 6% of children were at expected levels in their ability to tell someone what has happened. After 10 weeks of intervention, this had risen to nearly half.
  • More than seven times as many children reached expected levels in their ability to understand and tell stories, meaning they no longer needed extra help.

These results illustrate the lasting integrity of Talk Boost KS1.  More than 4 years after we first rolled out the programme, children are still making the same amounts of progress as when the programme was first piloted with up to 81% of children moving into the expected range in some areas of language.

Having proved its calibre, Talk Boost KS1’s high impact, evidence based and structured approach has made it a favourite among school staff, placing it as I CAN’s most popular intervention programme to date.

But that’s enough from us; here are some comments directly from those using the intervention programme:

“A wonderful course that prepares you to implement the programme in your own individual setting. So nice to come away with all the resources you need and the programme structure.”
Warren Mead Infant School, Banstead

“Everything was helpful and enabled us to see ways we could implement the programme to help a significant number of children in our school.”
Isaac Newton School, Grantham

“Talk Boost KS1 pulls together many elements of what children need to focus on. Helps to remove barriers to their learning by giving the right support that is appropriate to their needs.”
Orchard Primary School, Sidcup

To find out more about how Talk Boost KS1 can benefit your school or to book training, please email or call us on 0207 843 2515. Visit to find out more.