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Meath School rated ‘outstanding’ for the third time

We are thrilled to announce that Meath School, I CAN’s specialist primary school, has been rated ‘outstanding’ by Ofsted for the third time. Meath is one of few schools in England for primary aged children with speech, language and communication needs (SLCN), including Asperger’s Syndrome.

After their visit, which took place on the 3rd March 2016, inspectors stated, ‘The school is bursting with energy’, ‘outcomes are outstanding. Pupils make excellent progress in all areas of the curriculum, especially their speaking and communication.’

Their report also noted, ‘The school’s relentless focus on developing speech and communication skills is tangible even in the youngest pupils. No opportunity is missed to encourage and praise talk and conversation.’ Inspectors also recognised staff skill and expertise: ‘…teaching in this school is typically animated and compelling in order to capture pupils’ full attention and interest…all staff push pupils to achieve beyond the limits of what previously might have been thought possible…pupils themselves develop an inspiring determination to learn, achieve success and overcome their difficulties.’

Inspectors praised the school’s strong leadership and direction: ‘School leaders’ inexorable and passionate devotion to the school shines through all aspects of their work.’ ‘Major strengths are the integrated approach to teaching, learning and assessment. Teachers, assistants and therapists work closely as a team to assure pupils’ progress.’

Janet Dunn OBE, Head teacher of Meath School said, ‘What the Ofsted report does is affirm what we know, that with the right support, and their own hard work and strong resilience, pupils can make fantastic progress. The teaching and non teaching staff always aim high, they work tirelessly with parents to see children reach all of their potential. I’m immensely proud of our learners and staff, and so thankful for the inspirational loyalty and commitment of all involved.’

Bob Reitemeier CBE, I CAN Chief Executive, added, “To be recognised yet again as outstanding by Ofsted is very encouraging for parents, pupils and staff at the school. Meath truly is an exceptional school that helps pupils make incredible progress. Congratulations to everyone at Meath School.

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