E-Safety at Meath School

The Internet has become part of our daily lives in recent years and the number of ways that we can access it seems to increase every year.  It is worth thinking about how many different ways we can access it in our own homes: TV, tablet, smart phones, games consoles such as X Box and Play Station and more recently, watches.  The internet now makes it possible to control your heating and lighting remotely.  While many of us can remember a time before the internet and instant communication for our children it is now a way of life.  The internet offers great possibilities: we can share information, communicate, learn and research and be entertained, but unfortunately in this unregulated medium there are people who wish to use it for illegal, and unsociable activities.   While teaching our children to use the internet we also need to help them stay safe online.

E-safety is an important part of the school’s computing curriculum and it is also a requirement that staff receive e-safety training.  Parents are a key partner in helping children understand and manage the risks and dangers the internet poses so it is important that they are supported  to do this. At Meath we are very aware that our children are particularly vulnerable to the risks of cyber bullying, seeing online content that is unsuitable and online grooming.  On 22nd January Meath School held a parent workshop to highlight the risks of the internet that our children may become exposed to and to give parents tips on how to stay safe online.

The main messages:

  • Set rules and boundaries about use of devices – when and where and for how long they can be used- which devices they can use if there is more than 1 in your house
  • Use the parental controls that your internet provider offers
  • Apply an Ad block e.g. get
  • Make sure games are of the correct age rating for your child and know what games your child is playing
  • Talk to your child about what they are playing and the importance of telling you if someone wants to talk to them, meet them, or if they see something that upsets them
  • If something appears or happens and they don’t know what to do –stop clicking!
  • Try out Kids Safe Search if you are using the Google search engine.

On Tuesday 9th February 2016 we took part in Safer Internet Day, a national event to raise awareness of  how to stay safe online  and as a school we thought about how to be kind online.  We showed the children that it is as important to be kind to your friends online as it is when you were talking to them in the playground.

Above all enjoy using the internet with your child; it is a great place to share with them.  Happy and Safe Surfing!!

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