Signing at Meath School helps children’s understanding

When most people think of signing, Mr. Tumble might ring a bell. It might have been seen from a signing interpreter for the deaf community. At Meath School, signing is a large part of how we communicate. For some,  it’s the only way to communicate.

To support our children, signing is used alongside speech to help children make their needs and wants understood. Many of our children are visual learners, which is why we use Sign Supported English (SSE). SSE supports the children’s understanding of spoken language and the grammatical structure of the English language. Signing also helps our children feel safe without fear of being misunderstood.

Staff and children at Meath School have been working hard this academic year to improve their signing. With weekly training sessions, we ‘chunk’ sentences to not only help with fluency, but also with speed, which assists our children comprehend language. Whether it’s on the playground or in class, it’s really exciting to see them using their signs in spontaneous conversations with their friends.

Later this term we are looking forward to a ‘Signing Showcase’ where we will share the new signs we have learnt with our family and friends.

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