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Guest Blog: Chatterbox Challenge 2016 with La Jolie Ronde

It’s Chatterbox Challenge week and our fantastic partner groups have been sharing blogs and activities with us to help you prepare! Our next blog is from La Jolie Ronde Languages for Children, a unique centre for French and Spanish language learning, who have kindly provided Chatterbox Challenge with some exclusive . Read their blog below on why they have introduced language learning classes for babies and toddlers.

La Jolie Ronde are delighted to be partnering with I CAN, the children’s communication charity, and supporting their Chatterbox Challenge. As a fellow organisation that prioritises children’s communication in the early years and beyond, we believe that the Chatterbox Challenge is a fantastic platform for children to have fun whilst developing their own communication skills, as well as a great way to raise funds for children who struggle to communicate. Children taking part in Chatterbox Challenge have the opportunity to join in some songs in Spanish and French, as well as English, something that we know can be really beneficial when children are young.

Marketing Manager Mala Henry said, “Scientific research has proved that young babies and toddlers have a greater capacity for tuning into foreign language sounds than at any other time in their lives.  Our Parent, Baby and Toddler classes offer a unique opportunity to introduce babies and toddlers to the sounds, patterns and rhythm of the chosen language.   A “good” accent is much harder to master later and developing an ear for what “sounds right” becomes impossible for some older children. These classes offer authentic sounds of the French/Spanish language through mixed fun sessions and interactive language based activities that have been designed 0-3 year olds.  Babies and Toddlers will learn via a combination of sounds and activities delivered through action songs, rhymes, stories, role play and fun craft activities. Most importantly the toddlers will learn at their own pace.  Parent/Carer participation is important, not only do they become involved, babies and toddlers become more confident and less inhibited. It’s also a great “social” occasion as well as opportunity for Parents/Carers to learn as well”, she added.

La Jolie Ronde have supplied I CAN’s Chatterbox Challenge with exclusive French and Spanish Actions Songs to add a fun new twist to this year’s theme – To find out more visit

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