Gillian supports Chatterbox Challenge 2016!

Childminder Gillian supports Chatterbox Challenge 2016!

Gillian is a registered childminder and runs a small childminding business in Durham. She took part in I CAN’s Chatterbox Challenge 2015 with just 3 children, all children were 2 years and under and between them they managed to raise £75. She was entered into and won second prize in the Silver Shooting Star Prize Draw, receiving £500 worth of TTS vouchers. She said “I cannot believe we have won! I am so excited to buy some resources that as a childminder I never thought I would be able to afford so thank you.”

We asked Gillian a few questions about why she took part in Chatterbox Challenge last year and how it benefitted the children she looks after.

Why did you take part in Chatterbox Challenge last year?

I participated in I CAN’s Chatterbox Challenge last year as I cared for a little one with minor speech difficulties and thought it was a great way of involving her and allowing her to be included with exactly the same activities as her peers and giving her the empowerment to feel good about herself as she couldn’t ‘get it wrong’ and everyone knew the songs she was singing.

It was also a fantastic way of gaining Parental Involvement as they had the song sheet to practice at home and also collect sponsorship money.

What reaction did you get from the children around the activities and songs in the Activity Guide?

The children were excited to see familiar characters such as Ben & Holly, which inspired them even more to sing the songs. As the songs were familiar to the children anyway they didn’t take too long to learn. The children enjoyed making small props to use when singing the songs too.

What would be your advice to other settings who are thinking of taking part in Chatterbox Challenge?

Go for it, it doesn’t need to be anything extravagant or hugely organised, but the sponsorship monies received is a great reward and the children love the certificates and stickers…and I was over the moon too at winning a prize, enabling me to purchase equipment that I wouldn’t be able to buy for the children myself!

Check out some of the fantastic resources Gillain purchased with the TTS vouchers below. We are so pleased that Gillian and the children she looks after had a great time and were one of the lucky winners, next year it could be you!

Register for your FREE Activity Guide now at and raise sponsorship to be in with a chance to win!*

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