Getting a Kick-Start at Meath School’s Football Club

Clubs at Meath School in Ottershaw, aren’t just a way for kids to have an energy outlet, they are ways for kids to feel safe, have fun, and learn.

Football club at Meath is an empowering environment where children are chosen as referees (as they develop an understanding of rules and fair play), scorekeepers, and are balanced into four teams – Red, Blue, Orange and Yellow – with two pitches going simultaneously. With adult oversight, it’s a safe place for them to not only play football and exercise their motor skills and planning, but see how rules matter in life and to see what equality and fairness is. Averaging an outcome of 18+ children per week, it’s amazing to see the responsibility that some of our children take on, like the referees. To see them fairly judge whether or not a penalty is in order, or whether the ball went out of bounds is amazing, because it demonstrates developed discernment – but to also see the children working cohesively as teams is something to behold, and while some don’t like losing, at the end of the match, it’s all smiles and ‘Good Game’ as the kids then begin to help clean up the pitch and look forward to next weeks matches!