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Cherry Grove Nursery share why they are taking part in Chatterbox Challenge

Cherry Grove Nursery took part in Chatterbox Challenge 2015: Garden Adventures with Ben & Holly. Eleanor, Cherry Grove Nursery Teacher, shares why they got involved last year and why they will be taking part in Chatterbox Challenge again for 2016.

“Cherry Grove Nursery took part in Chatterbox Challenge 2015 as we wanted to get involved in something that was a good cause as well as helping with our own children’s communication and language skills. The children were big fans of Ben and Holly and so were delighted when they found out that we were going to be learning new songs based around a Ben & Holly theme. They were really enthusiastic about learning the new songs and especially enjoyed the fact that we could make them really active with lots of movement and action.

Our parents were really supportive of the Challenge and helped us by sharing the songs with the children at home whilst raising lots of money. Chatterbox Challenge also provided us with an opportunity for the parents to come into Nursery and watch the children perform the songs that they had learnt. This was a great way of celebrating the children’s achievements and it was fantastic to witness how proud the children (and their parents) were of themselves whilst performing.

The children had their own favourite songs from the Chatterbox Challenge which we still sing on a regular basis and they are still as enthusiastic about them as they were when we first learnt them! It is also great to hear them teaching our new children these songs and, by taking part in Chatterbox Challenge 2016, we are hoping to continue to build up our repertoire of songs as well as continue to raise funds for such a worthy cause.”

If you want to join Cherry Grove Nursery and take part in Chatterbox Challenge 2016: Ben & Holly’s Elf and Fairy Party please register for your FREE Activity Pack at www.chatterboxchallenge.org.uk