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Chatterbox Challenge 2016: Ben & Holly’s Elf and Fairy Party Launches Today!

We are happy to announce that Chatterbox Challenge 2016: Ben & Holly’s Elf and Fairy Party is open for registrations! Now in its 15th year, Chatterbox Challenge is I CAN’s annual sing-a-long fundraising event for children aged 5 and under.

By taking part in Chatterbox Challenge 2016, nurseries and early years settings across the UK can help develop their children’s communication skills through rhyme and song, whilst raising vital funds for I CAN, helping the more than one million children in the UK who struggle to communicate.

Chatterbox Challenge 2016 is once again being supported by Entertainment One’s (eOne’s) hit children’s TV show, Ben & Holly’s Little Kingdom. This year’s theme, Ben & Holly’s Elf and Fairy Party, encourages young children to take part in fun party games while chattering about what they are doing, seeing and hearing.

Chatterbox Challenge 2016 is also supported by TTS, suppliers of high-quality educational resources.  Early years groups Boogie Mites, Debutots, La Jolie Ronde, Talking Tots, Tots on Tour, Twinkl and PACEY. All these organisations and groups help I CAN to reach more early years practitioners and families to highlight the important issue of children’s communication development.

Streetsbrook Childcare were one of the many settings who took part in last year’s Chatterbox Challenge, and won 1st Prize in the Silver Shooting Star Prize Draw, winning £500 worth of TTS vouchers and a visit from Ben & Holly. Manager, Katey Moxley said: “We were delighted to win the Chatterbox Challenge! We were super excited to receive a visit from Ben & Holly, the children had such a lovely afternoon meeting them and it caused quite a stir throughout the whole school!

It is the first time we have taken part in the I CAN Chatterbox Challenge. We felt it was extremely important to raise awareness of children’s communication difficulties by taking part and ensuring our parents understand the importance of singing, telling stories and everyday interactions as fundamental in children’s holistic development.”

Chatterbox Challenge 2016 week runs from 8th – 14th February but you can hold your Challenge at any time of the year. So why not join in the fun and register now for your FREE Fundraising Activity Pack at www.chatterboxchallenge.org.uk

If you haven’t taken part in Chatterbox Challenge before take a look at the video below from last year’s Challenge for more information or visit www.chatterboxchallenge.org.uk