No Pens Day Wednesday – 7th October 2015

With less than three weeks to go until No Pens Day Wednesday 2015, we thought we’d let you know about the fantastic new resources that have recently gone live on the website.

Firstly, we have added a range of new free lesson plans for Secondary, Special and Early Years settings, bringing our total number of Trust lesson plans on the site to almost 200!

In addition to this, for the first time this year we have introduced a selection of pupil evaluation tools to allow teachers to collect the views of children and young people taking part in No Pens Day Wednesday. Schools and settings have a choice as to how they complete their evaluations. Pupils can either:

  1. a) Complete their evaluation as part of No Pens Day Wednesday– this approach uses discussion and votes to gather pupils’ views and includes resources to help teachers gather pupils’ views without using pens! Or…
  2. b) Pupils can complete a written evaluation about the day, which should be done the day after No Pens Day Wednesday if possible, where pupils can write down what they thought about their experience of the day.

Did you know that No Pens Day Wednesday also takes place during Dyslexia Awareness Week 2015? In association with the British Dyslexia Association, we have developed a document with some fantastic suggestions about how dyslexic students can be supported during No Pens Day.

We also have some fantastic new resources from our consortium members. The Makaton Charity has developed a new resource especially for No Pens Day Wednesday called ‘All About My Senses – Touch‘, which is full of fun activities using Makaton symbols and signs to encourage children to listen, understand and express themselves. In addition, Consortium member SMIRA has also provided us with some guidance on the best way for teachers, parents and carers to create an anxiety free environment for children with selective mutism on No Pens Day Wednesday.

This year we have also released our new 2015 activity pack and our new resource sharing function, as well as a selection of new posters that you can use to publicise your No Pens Day Wednesday around your school.

To access all of these resources (and more!) and to strengthen the focus on speech, language and communication skills in your school or setting, sign up and take part in No Pens Day Wednesday on 7th October 2015 (or whenever works best for you)!