Introducing I CAN’s 2014/15 Impact Report from Virginia Beardshaw CBE, I CAN CEO

September is Annual General Meeting season.  At I CAN’s 127th AGM on the 23rd my job as CEO was to introduce Trustees and Friends of the charity to our 2014/15 Impact Report.

It is definitely our most vibrant and visually appealing one yet.

This year we organised the report against our against our strategic objectives, so we can see clearly how much progress we have made in the first year of our strategy. More than ever, there is a focus on the impact we make. Pages 6 and 7 pull out just some of the key highlights:

  • The Early Language Development Programme:  reaching more than 16, 000 early years practitioners and over 150,000 parents. After the ELDP, children make statistically significant gains in their language development.
  • Talk about Talk: reaching 595 staff from 90 organisations and helping 113 young people significantly improve their communication skills.
  • Talk Boost continues to make an impact 3 years on – 79% of children reached expected levels in understanding and using vocabulary.
  • After Secondary Talk, pupils made statistically significant progress in their language skills and enhanced academic progress particularly in English.
  • I CAN Help’s Enquiry Service helped 832 families and practitioners with high quality information.
  • Platform 3: online learning with 98% of learners using felt more knowledgeable, confident and skilled in identifying children struggling with speech, language and communication.
  • I CAN Meath and Dawn House schools: outstanding provision in residential care and education – and take a look at the case studies  on pages 22 and 25 which give a real flavour of how we meet children and young people’s needs.

Case studies throughout really bring the report alive and our fundraising events and activities have been directly related to the programmes they have supported. Children and young people have a strong voice as well –on page 20 children say what they think of Early Talk Boost.

A highlight for me this year is the fact that every one of the photos comes directly from our work. This makes the report really come alive!

Browse our online edition or download your own copy here:

I CAN’s 2014/2015 Impact Report.