Jake And Tizzy Lunch 2

‘The Adventures of Jake and Tizzy’: a review…

Claire Findlay, an Early Years Training Consultant and one of our fantastic Early Talk Licensed Tutors has reviewed the brand new Jake and Tizzy stories and shared her professional opinion.

We know that children love simple stories that relate to their world and the new Jake and Tizzy books do just that. Children will recognise familiar things and places in each book about Jake and his best friend Tizzy the tiger; they will also easily identify with their stories and adventures.

So many early years books have cluttered and busy backgrounds which make it difficult for some children to pick out the relevant pictures. However the Jake and Tizzy books have colourful and vibrant pictures which show familiar people, places and everyday objects very clearly. The graphics have an element of cartoon design which will appeal particularly to 3 and 4 year olds and I like the “landscape” layout of the books – so much easier to fit on a lap when sharing a book or when children look at a book by themselves.

Unlike some early year’s books, there is no unnecessary repetition and each page will hold and improve a child’s attention.   There is just the right amount of text on each double page and plenty of opportunities to build vocabulary and extend language using the clear pictures as prompts. Early language concepts are woven into the stories seamlessly (action words, tenses, size, colour etc) as well as reminders about good listening and what that means for a pre-school child. But most importantly, these books are fun, engaging and enjoyable!

These books are great for both families and childminders and I know Jake and Tizzy will soon become well -known favourite characters.

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