Jake And Tizzy Go Shopping

I CAN’s new ‘Jake and Tizzy’ stories

Clare Wilson, the Early Language and Communication Advisor for Ark Schools, read the eight Jake and Tizzy stories and shared her professional opinion with us.

I CAN’s Jake and Tizzy books are a great resource for parents and professionals to help develop young children’s language skills. The eight books in the series show Jake and Tizzy in a range of familiar situations and routines which young children can relate to; for example, at nursery, going shopping and at Jake’s birthday party. The books use the structure of familiar routines to introduce different ways of supporting children’s language development. In ‘Going Shopping’ Mum gives Jake a list of items he needs to find in the supermarket and when he isn’t sure what onions are, she describes them to him. Mum explains “they are brown and smell strong” instead of just showing him, and also introduces the concept of ‘more’ when he does not get enough tomatoes.

The text is organised into simple sentences and the language used is accessible for all. The illustrations are simple, bright and engaging and provide lots of additional opportunities for adults to extend children’s language by asking questions and commenting on what else they can see in the picture.

The addition of ‘Tizzy’s talking tips’ at the back of the books is a great way to provide parents with key strategies they can use to support children’s language development whilst reading.

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