Book 2 Mum Drops Jake Off

I CAN’s ‘Jake and Tizzy’ stories

Rachel Trenchard, SEND and Early Years Consultant read the Jake and Tizzy books from I CAN. Rachel, an expert in the early years has reviewed the books with consideration of their impact and appeal.

Jake and Tizzy book review

Colourful and captivating would be just two of the words I would use to describe these exciting new titles. The simple text and uncluttered images help children to engage with the key messages of the text and subtly reinforce key skills for being a good communicator. Skills such as listening, which Jake’s Mum points out when dropping him off at nursery in book 2 ‘The Ice Lolly’.

The use of everyday scenarios provides children with a comfortable format (due to familiarity) which generates lots of opportunity for discussion. Concepts such as prepositions are also embedded in the text and would provide an excellent starting point to explore and extend understanding of such concepts as part of play in a range of contexts.

Although the stories form part of the wider Early Talk Boost intervention package these are great stories in their own right, which children can access at any time. For those children engaged in the Early Talk Boost intervention it provides an inclusive approach, as these books can be made available as part of a setting’s continuous provision for all children to access. I am personally looking forward to offering the Early Talk Boost Intervention myself in September 2015.

I am sure Jake and Tizzy will rapidly become a firm favourite in settings far and wide and the books will be a really positive resource for children to share with peers and practitioners. The fact that the books can also be purchased separately from ICAN is a real plus for parents who wish to support their children’s communication skills at home. With great adventures like these I’m sure even the most active of pre-schoolers will happily take time to sit down and share a story!

Rachel Trenchard – SEND and Early Years Consultancy

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