Early Talk Accreditation: Feedback from Childminders

In March 2015; Action for Children released a final report based on the findings of the latest DfE Early Excellence in Childcare Programme.

I CAN, the children’s communication charity was among the providers who took part in the programme and I CAN’s specific involvement was through training and accreditation. The training helped improve childminders’ ability to support children with SEND and their families by giving them new tools, strategies and knowledge.

The feedback from childminders was really positive, with participants talking about the effect that following Early Talk accreditation has had on their practice and relationships with parents.

“I have noticed I am listening to the children more and allowing them to become more expressive through play – without as much adult intervention as before! Parents are more open and willing to discuss their child’s progress; parents have told me they’re noticing a difference in how their child tries to communicate with them and other family members.”

They also noted their own improving confidence and knowledge in supporting children with speech, language and communication needs.

“I am a lot more confident in the work I do with children regarding SLCN. Knowing that I am doing things correctly gives me the confidence to pass on information to parents in a more professional manner.”

One childminder spoke in more detail about their experience of completing the I CAN Early Talk accreditation:

“For the accreditation I got a folder that I had to work through in stages. I was also linked up with a mentor. When I’d completed each section my mentor checked it and gave me feedback and then after a bit more work it would be signed off and I’d move on to the next section.

The course led to me making lots of changes and improvements to my setting and I sent some photos to show them what I’d done. Towards the end of the process an assessor visited my home and made some observations of me working with children and looked through my portfolio and paperwork. They seemed really pleased with what I’d done and referred my work to a panel that awarded me with the accreditation. I felt really chuffed. The process worked well and the mentor helped me through it all.

Since the accreditation we also play a lot more games which are linked to speech and language such as I-Spy and I have improved how we do singing and story time. The course also showed me how to correct children when they use the wrong words, and to make sure that I give children long enough to answer questions. I definitely feel more confident and I’ve got new ideas, activities and resources.

Since doing the accreditation I have kept really busy. I recently completed the ICAN Chatterbox Challenge and raised £42. I’ve got lots of appetite to do more training. For example, I want to do some training so I can support children with disabilities – I’ve looked into doing an introduction to sign language.” 

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