Jake And Tizzy Chrissie And Caitlin 2

A review of the adventures of ‘Jake and Tizzy’: a new series of story books from I CAN

Retired lecturer Chrissie Boylan read the eight Jake and Tizzy stories with her niece Caitlin, aged 4...

“I read the Jake and Tizzy stories with my four year old great-niece Caitlin earlier this year. The first thing that caught our eye was the overall look of the books. The illustrations are really vibrant, appealing and easy for a child to comprehend; Caitlin liked to talk about what the characters looked like and how they were feeling according to their expressions in the pictures.  In book 5, ‘Jake is Busy’ when Jake spills the water at nursery Caitlin could see how worried he was and remembered a time when she filled her paint pot with too much water and it spilled.

Part of the appeal of the books is how easily children can relate to whatever Jake does. Like in book 1, ‘Hello,’ when Jake was swimming; in fact, Caitlin had started and then stopped swimming classes for a number of reasons but when we read about the fun Jake had at swimming she  asked if she could go again. In the story, Jake’s tiger puppet Tizzy doesn’t want to go swimming which gave us an opportunity to talk about how different everyone is and how we enjoy different things. The story also prompted a conversation about tigers and what great swimmers they are in the wild!

Caitlin loved the repetition of book 6, ‘Hide and Seek,’ which is her favourite game too. She could join in easily with Jake’s search and was pleased to find Tizzy first!

As soon as I read the first book, Caitlin wanted me to read the rest all at once and they have remained among the favourite bedtime reads in our house. Her absolute favourite is book 7 ‘Jake and Tizzy Help Out,’ she loves helping at home as well and could see where Jake and Tizzy were going wrong with the washing up!

As an adult I have also enjoyed the books, it has been a pleasure to share the Jake and Tizzy stories with Caitlin.”

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