Congratulations to our 2015 Chatterbox Challenge Competition Winners!

On 9th – 15th February thousands of little Chatterboxes across the UK took part in our annual Chatterbox Challenge: Garden Adventures with Ben & Holly, the fundraising and awareness raising event for children under 5. This year we raised £80,000 and reached over 160,000 children.

All those that fundraised at their Challenge were entered into the Chatterbox Challenge Silver Shooting Star and Magical Gold Prize Draw and were in the chance to win up to £2,000 worth of TTS vouchers and a visit from Ben & Holly.

All winners were delighted, 2nd Prize winner of the Silver Shooting Star Prize Draw, Gillian Childminding Service said “I cannot believe we have won! I am so excited to buy some resources that as a childminder I never thought I would be able to afford so thank you. All children loved the fact that it was all featured around Ben and Holly, and to this day we are still singing one of their favourite songs, Sleeping Bunnies.”

Ben & Holly visited 1st prize winners Streetbrook Childcare and Lollipops Tree Nursery earlier this month. Check out the photos below of their visits.

Streetsbrook Childcare won 1st Prize in the Silver Shooting Star Prize Draw. Streetsbrook Childcare Manager, Katey Moxley said “We were delighted to win the raffle for the Chatterbox Challenge! We could not believe it when we received the phone call! We were super excited to receive a visit from Ben & Holly- the children had such a lovely afternoon meeting them and it caused quite a stir throughout the whole school! It is the first time we have taken part in the I CAN Chatterbox Challenge we felt it was extremely important to raise awareness of children’s  communication difficulties by taking part in this event and ensuring our parents understand the importance of singing, telling stories and everyday interactions as fundamental in children’s holistic development.

All competition winners have received their TTS vouchers and will be purchasing their resources soon, we will add photos of what they have purchased to the gallery below. Whitburn Primary School won £1,000 worth of TTS vouchers. Michelle Brooks from Whitburn Primary School said “We are absolutely thrilled delighted and feel very privileged to have won the 2nd prize in the Chatterbox Challenge. We are very excited to be spending such a lot of money on vital resources for our Foundation Stage. At Whitburn Primary we believe language and communication plays a vital role in a child’s everyday life and we look forward to buying resources to help us to continue to do this, so from the bottom of our hearts we would like to thank you so much for this gift.”

Thank you so much to everyone that took part in this year’s Chatterbox Challenge – we would not be able to continue helping children who struggle with their speech, language and communication without your support!

We hope to have you on board for Chatterbox Challenge 2016. To get all the information first you can register your interest now at http://www.ican.org.uk/chatterbox-preregister

Competition winners

Silver Shooting Star Prize Draw

2nd Prize – Gillian’s Childminding Service won £500 worth of TTS vouchers

2nd Prize – Seymour Park Primary School won £500 worth of TTS vouchers

1st Prize – Lollipop Tree Nursery won £500 and a visit from Ben & Holly

Magical Gold Prize Draw

3rd Prize – Cherry Grove Primary And Nursery School won £500 worth of TTS vouchers

2nd Prize – Whitburn Primary School won £1,000 worth of TTS vouchers

1st Prize – Streetsbrook Childcare won £2,000 worth of TTS vouchers and a visit from Ben & Holly