Jake And Tizzy New

Introducing Early Talk Boost!

Early Talk Boost is I CAN’s new language and communication intervention programme for 3-4 year olds launching in the autumn. The Early Talk Boost intervention has been based on the excellent Talk Boost model which has been running successfully for 3 years.

Initial findings show that after the nine week Early Talk Boost intervention, children have made statistically significant progress in their early language. The children made on average six months progress; helping them to catch up with other children their age- this is twice the amount of progress of children not taking part in the intervention.

Beyond the statistics we have had some really inspiring feedback from children, teachers and parents involved in the project too. Two parents whose child has been part of the initial project said “We both feel that C’s speech has improved a great deal. We have seen a huge change; he seems more confident in himself and finds it easier to pronounce words and combine them to make sentences. He is also a lot easier to understand and he finds it easier learning new words…”

Another parent said ‘I feel that L has benefited … tremendously. Even after the first day his attention span increased and he pays much more attention and listens wonderfully now.”

The feedback from parents has been extremely encouraging, especially coupled with the opinions of the staff involved. One nursery leader described the intervention as “… really good, everything is there for you. We’ve got it all in a box so every time I need to use it, it’s all there. It’s all ready and accessible.”

With another mentioning the compelling results “… the pilot group have made very clear, identifiable progress not only through the I CAN assessment we’ve been following, but also through the EYFS developmental records as well…”

The intervention is due to launch in September and includes a comprehensive manual, a toolkit, training for parents, training notes and 10 x 8 Jake and Tizzy story books.  It also includes an online tracking tool used to select the children and to measure their end progress. The tool is invaluable for evidence collection which can be used to demonstrate impact to Ofsted and others.

If you wish to register your interest, e-mail or call us now…

earlytalkboost@ican.org.uk or 0207239 2556