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I CAN staff and supporters run the Bupa London 10K 2015!

On the 25th May 2015, Bank Holiday Monday, 37 runners took to the streets of London to run and fundraise for I CAN in the Bupa London 10K. It was a beautiful day and the atmosphere and enthusiasm from our runners made it an unforgettable experience, check out our photos taken on the day! Two of our very own I CAN staff members ran, Clare Geldard , Director of Operations and Michelle Martinez, Head of Business Development. Both from different running backgrounds, their stories show that anyone can take on this challenge and reach the finish line with support and determination!

Clare Geldard, Director of Operations

“I am not built for running” was my normal response to any question ever posed to me about the pace above walk, or “ urgh” or “ good heavens no” …you get the picture?

So how come last Monday I found myself on the start line for the BUPA 10k in London? To be honest, I am not exactly sure. From zero to 10k in 3 months…a steep learning curve. It’s not about how you are built, but your head… and mine kept saying “I can’t”, but my running partner, life saver, lifelong hero…cajoled, distracted, bargained, talked, encouraged and supported me through every step. One hell of an experience. Like childbirth, I have now forgotten the pain and remember only the elation at the end. The feeling of achievement. My daughter, husband, sister and nephew screaming at me as I sprinted the last 100m…where did that energy come from?

I raised money for I CAN, lost weight, got some muscles in my legs – never had those before! – found some inner strength I never knew I had and had an amazing day. Yes I have already signed up for next year and I will run it faster than 1 hour and 24 minutes! Come and join me…it’s one hell of an experience.”

Michelle Martinez, Head of Business Development

 Monday was my sixth consecutive BUPA 10k – I am the proud owner of an amazing collection of medals, T-shirts and memories – not least of which was being with Clare as she undertook her first 10k.  She says she’s not built for running – and neither am I – so I guess that the 10k is for folks who weren’t built to run, as well as all those super fit types who run it at breakneck speed and miss admiring the scenery, or basking in the glow of appreciation from the enthusiastic supporters who literally do line the entire route.  And I guess it’s the route and the crowds that really do make the BUPA 10k the most special race for everyone, because it allows you to experience the real high points of the London Marathon route and have the thrill of the final charge as you race towards the finishing line outside Buckingham Palace.  That’s when the fantasies really did go wild as I heard the emotionally cracked voice of the TV commentator in my head telling the millions of watching viewers that quite unbelievably, I had done it again! 


If you are inspired by Clare and Michelle and want to join them next year then you can register now here or for more information contact Krista at