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Getting Two Year Olds Talking!

There is a lot in the news at the moment about two year olds and the need to support their positive development. We certainly know that language development at the age of two years predicts children’s performance on entry to primary school.

Although the news often focuses on our most vulnerable two year olds, this is a critical time for two year olds across the board: this time sees the move from toddlerhood to childhood, from walking to running and from two or three word sentences to full conversations. It is such a critical age that there is a whole campaign around the importance of the first 1001 days, there is focus on a public outcome measure to record the developmental progress of the nation’s two year olds based on a new integrated review and the Government has put in funding for the top 40% of the most disadvantaged two year olds to help get them off to a better start.

Here at I CAN, we have also renewed our focus on two year olds. By putting together a bundle of resources, we aim to support all those working with and looking after two year olds, in settings and at home, to get two year olds talking.

The Getting Two Year Olds Talking bundle includes leaflets and posters which describe the importance of early communication development and what to expect at different ages, a DVD for parents about developing talk through everyday routines, a children’s activity book and sets of activity cards which use everyday objects to support communication and language development. It also offers support to practitioners carrying out the two year old progress check or integrated review. The bundle is worth £62.94 and is available to order through I CAN at a fantastic price of £40 – a saving of £23!

We know how popular our resources have been with the practitioners and parents who have used them. We know the success of our programmes focused on very young children (the 0-3 pilot programme and the Early Language Development Programme). We also know how focused talk with 2 year olds helps develop their communication and language skills, enabling them to listen, understand and hold those engaging conversations themselves. All this, in turn, helps with behaviour, with friendships and with learning. So, come on everyone, let’s get those two year olds talking!

Order your bundle on I CAN’s online shop here.