Meath School

Inspiring Immersive Classrooms Help Meath Pupils Learn

As a special needs, speech, language and communication school, Meath aims to effectively approach learning in unique ways that allows pupils to maximise their tools for comprehending and learning. Headteacher at Meath School, Janet Dunn says,


“Some weeks ago we let you know about storytelling which we use as a highly successful teaching programme at I CAN’s Meath special school. All our speech, language and communication needs learners find acting and telling stories huge fun, and we know the impact on their language and literacy skills is exceptionally strong.


I wonder, will the same be true when we start to use a local primary school’s immersive classroom? This is a multi-media , multi-sensory environment where walls and floors can be transformed into any setting. With a click of a mouse the room transforms into a Viking village, Victorian school, First World War hospital, or a Rainforest. Diane took her class there a couple weeks ago and they just loved the “in a film set” experience of a very, very rainy day in the woods. Umbrellas up, boots and waterproofs on, splashing about . . .  but no getting wet! An example of the highly visual learning approaches Meath offers to children with speech and language difficulties who struggle to learn via talking alone.


Other classes of Meath special school pupils will use this amazing “Space” in the months to come. Let’s see how their speech and language, and their reading and writing skills are improved.


More to follow…..!”

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