Storytelling at Meath School

Storytelling at I CAN’s Meath School is a part of an ever-evolving curriculum that allows our children to interact with each other and the story by creating an immersive storytelling environment. Pam, one of our teachers writes,

“. . . the storytelling process continues to evolve; enjoyed by class group, enabling challenging stories and ideas to be understood, giving the staff and children alike, tingling moments of achievement . . . The results show how effective our storytelling techniques are, “Recently our story had described, ’Grandma having a voice as warm as sunshine’. This phrase had been repeated by the teacher and not explicitly repeated by the children in about 5 sessions, then one girl said when she started writing, without prompting, ’Grandma had a voice as warm as sunshine’. It was one of those ‘wow’ moments that makes you come back to work with enthusiasm in a speech and language school.”

At Meath, we try to engage the children with interactive stories to inspire not only their imagination, but also to provide them communication skills in social environments.

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