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Clubs at Meath School Offer Children Unique Social Opportunities

One of the important things in nurturing a child’s development, is offering an environment where they can exercise social skills. At Meath School, we have that environment where children can exercise teamwork through communication, fostering a safe place where they can utilise the communication tools Meath School empowers them with, to learn and grow together. One of these clubs is our Woodland Trust Bronze Award-winning “Den Club”. Here’s a blog from our Den Club Chief, Sybil-Jane:

Every Wednesday lunchtime, children from Meath School’s upper school don wellies and enter the woodland regardless of the weather! Den Club builds on Meath’s heart of communication through teamwork and multi-sensory exploration, encouraging children to build dens whilst learning about materials and structures, British woodland and nature including animals, insects, fungi, flora and fauna. There are opportunities for children to earn certificates for what they have learnt, with text supported by symbols and pictures so as to be accessible to learners at all speech, communication and language needs – meeting them at their comprehension levels.

Being recently awarded the Bronze Award for all our nature endeavours, Den Club works in conjunction with the Woodland Trust and their Green Tree Schools Award. In our multi-sensory approach, we explore nature through sight with binoculars, insect pots, and photography; smell and touch with collection and identification hunts, craft and exploration, all of which create a portfolio towards the much aspired for: The Woodland Trust Platinum Award.

In addition to our Den Club, every summer we host a Den Club Sleepover which includes a tent camp out on the school field next to our beloved woods, a camp fire with marshmallows, BBQ, songs, stories, and games. It gives some amazing opportunities to children who, due to their speech, language and communication needs (including autism), might not otherwise have had a chance to experience. All activities are overseen by trained staff with knowledge of Sign Language and AAC (Augmentative and alternative communication) support and a school nurse in her own tent in case of scraped knees.

Next Wednesday why not come and join us? We always have a spare pair of wellies – just in case!

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