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Chatterbox Challenge Week : Guest Blog from Talking Tots

Happy Chatterbox Challenge week! We hope you are all having a great time! During the week our fantastic partner groups are sharing blogs and activities of what they are getting up to. Our second blog is from Talking Tots, who during Chatterbox Challenge Week will be running their own unique ‘Friends in the Gardens’ sessions to support the Chatterbox theme of Garden Adventures with Ben & Holly.

Talking Tots are once again supporting I CAN’s Chatterbox Challenge: Garden Adventures with Ben and Holly. Thousands of Talking Tots pre-schoolers across the UK are poised and ready to take on the event to support CAN. “This is the fifth year that we are supporting Chatterbox Challenge and I CAN is an ideal charity choice. We are putting on our very own unique ‘Friends in the Garden’ sessions from February 9th – 15th 2015.”

The Talking Tots ‘Friends in the Garden’ session reinforces the ethos of developing children’s communication skills through activity, play and FUN! Children learn best when engaged in something they enjoy, where skills include the physical aspects as well as listening, taking turns and verbalising the action. Developing children’s communication skills from a young age will ensure children have an enjoyable childhood, because they are able to socialise with others, communicate confidently, make friends, and have that important head start with pre-literacy skills for when they start school. Parents sometimes under-estimate the power of play and activity in developing communication skills, so our ‘Friends in the Garden’ session will hopefully show parents how easy it is to make children’s learning exciting and fun.  All this while raising money for a charity close to our hearts that helps children who struggle with their speech, language and communication skills.

The ‘Friends in the Garden’ session will see children sponsored to join in different activities including fun-packed colour picture games, action rhymes & songs. It promises to be a fun-filled active session that will have children listening and following instructions while learning.

As part of the Chatterbox Challenge, Talking Tots are also inviting parents and their children who are new to the programme to join them in their charity fundraising event during that week which will go to I CAN. Parents can also download games and information on activities to do at home with their children, to encourage language development in a fun and playful manner.

From the time a baby is born, parents already start communicating with them, through talking, reading, singing and playing games. These are all means of developing children’s communication skills that don’t cost anything but parents’ time, but it is a time investment that will have huge benefits because a confident communicator will be able to fully participate in school and socially in any setting. And, it’s a skill they will have for life.

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