Megan Callanan

Looking to get involved at I CAN? Hear from one of our volunteers.

I CAN is truly a special place. I was fortunate to have the opportunity to volunteer in the head office with the fundraising department. Being an American exchange student about to work in a British office, I was feeling both excitement and nerves before my first day. However, all of those nerves were quickly erased once I began my volunteering role with I CAN.

For me, the most valuable aspects of this volunteer experience was working with a supportive team of people as well as working on the meaningful tasks I was assigned. I had the opportunity to collaborate with multiple teams which allowed me to gain exposure to a variety of tasks on the fundraising teams. During my time at I CAN, I helped with trusts, events, and was even able to be involved in the Adopt a Word Christmas Campaign. Being a part of this campaign from commencement to culmination was a unique and valuable experience to be able to understand first-hand the work that a social media campaign entails. All of this was valuable work experience with tangible results that I will be able to discuss and utilize in future volunteering roles and jobs. Most importantly, the positive and encouraging office culture at I CAN allowed me to be a contributing member of the team. The work that the I CAN charity does in support of children’s communication is important and groundbreaking and my experience helping with the cause was very rewarding.

It was a pleasure to have Megan volunteer for us at I CAN . We were so grateful for all her help and support. As Megan was from the US it was a great opportunity for members of the office to exchange stories of our different cultures and traditions and to hear about her way of life in the US. We miss her very much! I CAN are always looking for enthusiastic and passionate volunteers. If you want to do something new this year then why not apply to volunteer a few days a week (whatever suits you). You will be able to help with a variety of tasks across the different fundraising teams; Community & Events, Trusts & Statutory, Major Donor events and Corporate. If you are interested please contact and we will be happy to provide more information and answer any questions you may have.