Meath School Choir

I CAN’s Meath Primary School Choir Sings Birthday Greeting to Dame Judi Dench

The Meath Singers from I CAN’s Meath Primary School  in Surrey, recently sang and signed a birthday greeting to Dame Judi Dench who is an ambassador for I CAN, the children’s communication charity.

Janet Dunn (Principal) said,

We are so proud of our children at Meath School and they are so proud of themselves.”

I CAN’s Meath Primary School provides children with special educational needs of Speech, Language and Communication  (SLCN) a unique, nurturing and specialised environment at one of the few schools in the UK who provide speech and language therapy using signing, Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) Aids, Sensory Integration from our Occupational Therapists to holistically aim at further helping children to communicate and learn effectively.

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