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I CAN’s practical and informative training programmes explained.

I CAN provides many opportunities for schools and settings to develop their expertise in supporting the communication needs of their pupils. The different training packages available cover the entire school remit from the early years to secondary school.

Beginning with the Early Years, Early Talk is an insightful and engaging programme, developed for the early year’s workforce, encouraging partnership with parents. The training courses and accreditation programmes have been independently evaluated and successfully delivered across a large number of settings. The training is an excellent opportunity for CPD and the positive impact on staff can continually help enhance the learning environment for children.

Early Talk is available at two levels depending on a setting’s existing expertise and the needs of their children. One recent course participant noted that they found ‘everything covered was very valuable.’

For both training levels, I CAN will deliver training in the workplace. We offer special rates for large groups; whereas for a small setting there is the option of grouping staff from different settings together and sharing the cost.

For Primary School’s we have a number of training opportunities to support staff and children with speech, language and communication. Talk Boost is an intervention package that narrows the gaps between 4-7 years olds with language delay and their peers. As part of the package, staff receive a day’s instructive training and can also pick up a number of skills relevant for whole class teaching.

Primary Talk is another practical programme from I CAN which has been developed specifically for Primary schools and is aimed at teachers and support staff working in KS1 and 2.

Primary Talk supports staff to nurture the communication development of all children, including those with speech, language and communication needs and as such, can help schools improve pupils’ outcomes.

Primary Talk programmes include training, accreditation mentoring and resources for school staff and are available to local authorities, individual schools or clusters of schools.

Like Early Talk, Primary Talk is delivered in the workplace and is available at 2 different levels based on the particular needs of the school, from universal-level best practice to supporting those with identified speech, language and communication needs.

Finally, Secondary Talk is an evidence based programme designed for Secondary schools which includes: consultancy, standards and validation, training modules, coaching and resource materials all of which help to embed communication supportive practice which impacts on the behaviour, attainment and engagement of students.

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