Meath 86

Christmas is a joy – at last.

A blog from Janet Dunn, Head Teacher at I CAN’s Meath School.

So many of I CAN’s Meath School pupils have never really been included in a school’s Christmas show before. If you can’t talk or sing, you can’t have a major part – and the stage is a scary place if all around you children are talking and singing and you don’t know what they are saying

At Meath School, all our pupils are included in the Christmas production – parents’ quietly cry as they see their child take part for the first time. Our pupils are proud and confident on the stage; moreso as the years go by. Progress is so evident, and even other families will comment on how well all the children are doing year on year. The care and specialist support offered at Meath every day creates anenvironment so that all learners fulfil their potential, and they have a strong pride and confidence in themselves. The joy of our Christmas celebration is in seeing this confidence shine out.