Victoria Plumb

Help I CAN to become Victoria Plum’s next charity partner!

Victoria Plum, an online bathroom retailer, is seeking a new charity partner and has chosen I CAN as a one of the three possible charities. To make the final choice, Victoria Plum will be asking people on their Facebook page to vote for their favourite charity out of the three. You can vote by clicking here.

Victoria Plumb wants to give something back the community, and use its success and influence to support and promote a charitable cause. The company strongly felt it wanted to support a children’s charity, and was inspired by I CAN’s message and aims.

Ben Padley, CMO for Victoria Plum, said: “We live in a world where communication is everything, and children who struggle to connect with others through language or speech difficulties can risk getting left behind. At Victoria Plum, we really admire the incredible work that I CAN is doing, and that’s why we’ve chosen it as a potential partner charity. The final choice is up to our customers, but we are very excited at the possibility of working with this amazing charity.”

Virginia Beardshaw, I CAN CEO said: “We are incredibly excited to be in the running for Victoria Plum’s charity partnership. I urge all our supporters and friends to go onto the Victoria Plum Facebook page and vote for I CAN – it will only take a moment to support us but the impact for I CAN’s beneficiaries will be lasting.”

The voting to choose Victoria Plum’s official partner charity will run for two weeks, starting on the 20th October on the company’s Facebook page:

To find out more about Victoria Plum, visit: