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London Education and Inclusion Project (LEIP) wins Project Oracle’s Annual Evidence Awards

A blog from I CAN CEO, Virginia Beardshaw.

Congratulations to our partners Catch 22 for being one of the winners in the Project Oracle 2014 Annual Evidence Awards.

The London Education and Inclusion Project (LEIP) is a shorter version of Catch 22’s Engage in Education (EiE) programme, which offers schools and academies a specialist service designed to increase the attendance and attainment of pupils most at risk of fixed-term or permanent exclusion. It is a multi-disciplinary approach, meaning that learners have access to one-to-one support, a group intervention that addresses communication difficulties and the social and emotional aspects of learning. This project and its resources was developed by Catch22 and I CAN.

Having seen the programme in action in Lewisham earlier this year, I am not surprised it caught the judges’ eye. Catch 22’s mentors were really skilful in working with young people to improve their communication, including their ability to negotiate and to defuse tricky situations. They make it fun, and the young people gain hugely.

Project Oracle is all about is improving the chances for children and young people in the capital by promoting quality evidence of what works, supporting services to improve the delivery of youth programmes and informing the funding process.

The Oracle judges commented that all of the winning submission ‘demonstrated exceptional efforts to inject rigour and robustness into the evaluation of youth services in the nation’s capital’. This is really good to hear, since both Catch 22 and I CAN invest heavily in measuring their programmes’ impact.

Once again, congratulations to Catch 22. It is great to be working with such a serious and effective partner.