The Communication Commitment

The Communication Commitment updated to reflect the new SEND Code of Practice

The Communication Commitment updated to reflect the new SEND Code of Practice  

The Commitment is a free online resource to help schools support all pupils, including those with SLCN, to communicate to the best of their ability. Communication skills are essential for learning, developing relationships, and emotional well-being; the Commitment helps schools to develop a greater understanding and emphasis on communication in the classroom, and throughout the whole school.

Schools can use the Commitment to help with the identification and support of pupils with SLCN, and the site has recently been updated with specific information and guidance about how schools can use it to support them in their work under the 2014 SEND Code of Practice. A new factsheet supports schools to understand their responsibilities under the 2014 Code and an index helps schools easily find the fifteen resources that have been updated to reflect the new Code, all clearly branded to show the changes.

The Commitment provides a structure for schools to support best practice around speech, language and communication. Schools can access a wealth of free resources and guidance on how to support pupils’ communication skills, and develop a whole-school strategy around communication.

The Commitment has been developed by The Communication Trust, which is cited in the Code as providing advice, information and training on speech, language and communication. It also includes a vast range of information, resources and services from The Communication Consortium, a group of nearly 50 voluntary and community sector organisations with expertise in children and young people’s speech, language and communication.

Through the site schools can choose create a personalised Action Plan to guide their work, selecting those actions that will most benefit their pupils. The actions all relate to five priority areas:

  1. School leadership
  2. Workforce development
  3. Communication-friendly schools
  4. Supporting pupils with SLCN
  5. Engagement with parents, families and employers

Resources and guides are provided to support each of these areas, and information about further support and services is also available should schools wish to take their work further.

Over 1,000 schools have already signed up to commit to communication – why not join them?