Talk Boost

Using Talk Boost KS1 in our School

Gail Roles, SENCO at Oyster Park School

Speech, language and communication has always been an issue in our school. Many of our children start nursery only able to say one word and sometimes not even that. So it is something we are always trying to work on and improve.

Talk Boost KS1 seemed to be a great way to address this need. We attended the Talk Boost KS1 training and we then started to use it in the school, we are now on to our second Talk Boost KS1 group. Our experience of using Talk Boost KS1 has been really positive.  The pupils who have taken part have really enjoyed it and we have not only noticed improvements in the Talk Boost KS1 sessions themselves but the teachers have also noticed a big difference in the classroom. In fact we think the children have made massive progress.  One pupil who barely spoke before has not stopped talking since taking part in Talk Boost KS1!

The way Talk Boost KS1 works in our school is that we set aside four Talk Boost KS1 sessions a week. Although the children only attend 3 sessions the fourth is to enable the TA’s to make any resources that they need for the week. However because Talk Boost KS1 does not need many additional resources our TA’s do not always need that time and can stay in the classroom instead.

We can see that the children are really coming into their own and I would certainly say that the money we spent on the training has been worth it. I have recommended it at SENCO meetings to other schools in the area and think it is really beneficial for schools in deprived areas such as ours.

So far we have run Talk Boost KS1 session with 24 children from UFS, Y1 and Y2 and are about to start working with 16 children from UFS and Y1. It takes precedence over everything else as we see it as so important. We have learnt a lot from running our first group and are looking forward to our second!